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New Zoologist Soaps - Camel and Hummingbird - as well as liquid soaps, and candles are now available

Moved to Ohio four months ago and have been really busy since.

Two new Zoologist Soaps are now available - Hummingbird and Camel (also available at groomatorium.com - Hummingbird - Camel if sold out on Chiseled Face. Due to our move, money is a bit tight, so I was not able to buy the amount of fragrance to do our typical 200-380 unit release so this time we are limited to 80 units of each scent.

After much requests, we also now have liquid soaps in Ghost Town Barber and Summer Storm for $10.99 each. Note, these are not synthetic detergent-based body washes - so they do perform differently. If you have used Dr Bronner's soap, these are similar (but don't contain hemp oil, so can be used by members of the military). If you have not, these soaps leave you feeling clean and smelling great, but do not create the mountains of suds and slippery feeling that detergents and wetting agents do. These are also biodegradable, so great for camping trips. I've been using this as my exclusive shower product for about a month now - it has replaced both soap and shampoo, and it's worked out great.

Lastly, winter is upon us, and in my household, that means lots of candles. Ghost Town, Summer Storm, Sherlock, and Trade Winds will make your house smell great - without shaving the walls or your family pets.