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new york shaving company creams

Hi everyone,

Thinking of ordering some of their creams, the old St-Patrick and the tonsorial cream.

Anyone has tried these ?
I have Old St. Patricks, it smells wonderful and I get a great shave with it. The only problem I have with it is it burns, after you use it a few times it subsides but it's still there.
The Tonsorial Bond scent is one of my favorite scents in a cream/soap, and the aftershave is my favorite balm. Their lavender cream is nice as well, as is the lemon, but the Tonsorial is excellent. I have a puck of the Tonsorial soap waiting to be tried as well.
I liked the smell of Old St. Patrick's shaving cream. The texture seemed odd to me. I mean the texture before I whipped it. It seemed stringy almost. I'm not very experienced with traditional shaving cream so this may be common and I just need to learn how to mix better.
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