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New Years shaving resolutions

As the new year comes around one normally makes a bunch of unrealistic plans of how they shall improve themselves in the new year...I am curious as to what are your new years (shaving) resolutions?... mine are to make less unecessary purchaces and to cut the fat. Or in other words get rid of those purchaces that do not give me joy to use.
The January GRUME thread is up Gentlemen :)

I know I will be in the minority, but I am actually planning to invest a bit more in my shaving this year. For the last 10 years I basically used two brushes, two soaps, and two razors--but at the beginning of December I rejoined the forum to research ways to improve my shave. A new CNC stainless razor (RR GC .84SB) really transformed my experience. Made me realize that I deserve to experiment, invest, and really enjoy the pasttime again. Longer term I'd like to have a bigger variety of soaps, as I generally alternate between 1 or 2 pucks until they're gone, before I buy a replacement... and it would be nice to have more options.
For those who are trying to restrain their purchases, I hope you enjoy some treasures you forgot were stashed away.
  • Not bomb out of any of the GRUMEs this year
  • Contribute more to the wiki
  • Improve my SR technique and get my shave times down so I feel less rushed before work (and my wife and daughter stop sniggering about me hogging the bathroom!)
  • Enable more local shavers to take up the straight! :p
i have ENOUGH supplies!!! Have a HighProof out there somewhere, supposedly making it's way to me, got some new shavy stuff for Christmas, and have the 19 yo on board now as well !!!
My shaving goals this year are to ... shave again.
I wore a beard for 2022.

Was totally awesome shaving again yesterday. May even rock a fully shaved face for a little while. I almost never do that.

Refine my hand with a SR again. Was a tiny bit clumsy yesterday, I nicked myself 3 times. But nothing serious.

I want to test out a few new sandalwood scents.

But I feel like I'm getting close to a place of satisfaction with my den/collection. Joined here in 2016, and have been acquiring and playing with wet shaving since.

I've been all the way from fully bearded to shaved face and head including moustache and goatee.
I've pretty much tried my hand at most clipping, trimming, shaving, stropping, honing and sharpening techniques. Even restored an old straight and rescaled it with scales I made. No claims to be amazing at anything, but my skillset is passable and enough for me to get comfortably by with. Much credit going to this forum and it's vast wealth of information.

After the first few years I learned finally how to make a passable lather.

Going to keep enjoying the ride. Zero in on a soap, cream/selection there of and put together enough that I'll be able to joint a GRUME. Maybe for 2024, or 2025...

Zero regrets getting into this hobby.
copy paste from the 365 shaves a year post but my main goal is to get to my fav of favs minimal gear I just love
I am the type I only tend to use what is my absolute fav things so kinda minimalist in that respect

this years goal !
go through all my soaps and narrow down my top 2 ? might use up the rest of some and others will move on
same with blades narrow down to the best of the best hope that is just two

and will see about doing some pre shave testing but I do feel a great soap should do it all ! that said the Neutrogena on top of any splash just gives it that perfection so I can see a preshave maybe extending that great soap to be a touch better be it for slickness or for protection and post comfort feel ?

plan to bring in a Kai Kasho Captain at some point this is a for sure !
try a Timeless .95 plate maybe a slime plate ?
Charcoal level 1 and every day
both the Tatara in ADJ and the regular 3pc
but happy with the Timeless for now
and the brushes right now Muhle STF in a huge lead

my end goal just a perfect for me minimal setup !
I want to start shaving every day. I shave every other day and love that fresh shaved feeling. The work involved to do it right however isn’t the most fun, so I will skip a day and wait because it’s easier.

Along with everything else in my life though, I need less easy and more hard!
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