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New Years Resolutions for Bacon Lovers!

As a bacon lover I will try do do a little better this year....I came across these day...enjoy!

1. I will Eat more Bacon
2.. I will not let any unwholesome Bacon touch my lip
3.. I will only eat REAL BACON, no.Veggie Bacon, and no Turkey Bacon
4.. I will not microwave bacon
5.. I will use Bacon Hot Sauce, sorry Tabasco
6..I will use Bacon salt!
7.. I will try every food wrapped in delicious bacon
8.. I will serve bacon as a special dish at each holiday meal
9.. I will dream of bacon each night
10.. I will convert one vegetarian in 2011 by using the sweet smell and delicious taste of bacon
This isn't food wrapped in bacon, but it is bacony goodness all the same. Vosges dark chocolate bacon bar. 62% cacao, great chocolate, with finely chopped applewood smoked bacon in it, as well as smoked salt. I am currently eating this bar. The smokiness is subtle but detectible amidst the delicious dark chocolate. There's a certain unctiousness from the bacon that I think helps the chocolate really coat your mouth, and it finishes with slight porky goodness. It's great bacon eats. Check it out here: http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/product/mos_dark_chocolate_bacon_bar/bacon_candy_bars
Gentlemen... I present to you, the Bacon Wrapped Fatty: Immagine if you will...

a bacon weave...

then a sausage and bacon roll...

Wrap it up and smoke it in an applewood... Please help yourself to a slice of nirvana...
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