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New Years Eve drinks

I just finished packing my cooler for NYE. I decided that this year I will celebrate Cascadian Dark Ales (aka "black IPAs"). The line-up is as follows:

  • Stone's Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale (CDA)
  • Southern Tier's Iniquity (CDA)
  • Blue Point's Toxic Sludge (CDA)
  • Stone's Double Bastard (*classified*)
  • Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary Fritz and Ken's Ale (Imperial Stout)
And yes, I expect help with these bombers. :thumbup1:

What do you expect to be drinking to celebrate the holiday?
Well I found this today after deciding to have some wine for NYE


Other than that my selection is pretty cheap cause I'm broke after christmas and I don't want to waste good booze on drinking games and partying but I have:

- Jim Beam white. Never tried it caught my eye and figured why not it'll probably just get mixed anyway.
- Crown Royal
- Glenfiddich 12

I also got a bunch of liqueurs stashed with my SWMBO's alcohol so not sure whats there.
A traditional Eggnog with a splash of rum at some point in the evening. A nice red wine with dinner and then a dram of a single malt later. I will select the single malt from either an 18 or 21 year old from my stock.

Happy New Year all,

Good choices.
Have you tried Otter Creek's Black IPA yet?

I'll be cracking a bottle of Sam Adams Infinium myself.

I have not tried Otter Creek's CDA yet; I'll have to put forth some inquiries to see if a distributor in our area carries it.

I thought about the Infinium, but my SN 30th Fritz and Ken's Ale is corked, so that will have to do.
Grey Goose martinis for the men...pomegranate martinis for the ladies...Proseco to toast with...Happy New Year all!
It was cold here last night, so while I was out I picked up a small bottle of sake and had it warmed when I got home. Very nice.

I also picked up, on a friend's recommendation, a bottle of "The Famous Grouse" and had several shots of that. Not sure I like it, but it's a bit cheaper than the stuff I usually buy. Probably won't buy it again.
My wife made some fantastic Sidecars. I had one after a finger of Laproaig 10. I also snuck a small shot of Courvoisier when the wife wasn't looking. I guess the key to a proper Sidecar is a proper cognac!
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