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New Wolfman Razor Site Coming

Kind of a shocker. The Wolfman Razor site is temporarily closed until November. James states when the entire site opens in November he will be selling new razors,etc. I also assume higher prices are coming.
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Just to clarify, the website still works (granted there isn't much to look at currently), but new sign ups for the wait list are closed temporarily.

September 2021: Working on new designs, updating website and planning to have occasional limited edition auctions on the website. The wait list will be closed temporarily while the menu options and pricing are updated. It should open again before November 1 2021


"Just Call Me Billy"
I’m on a waiting list to buy a >$350+ shipping and taxes razor, and if I wait longer I can sign up to buy an even more expensive razor… what a world we live in !
As said above, more power to the Wolfman
Like I said, I probably WILL kick myself....but trying to convince my uber - practical yet lovely War Department that shaving is more than just removing hair from my incredibly handsome face has not been something I've ever been able to do!
I assume those buying the Wolfman razors are doing so with an eye on investment as much as quality .. I appreciate they are well made; although they are still only a blade holder, and reviews don't identify them doing anything more (or less) than other great quality safety razors less than half the price.

*My shallow pockets may be a bias
I'll probably kick myself, but I've never had the urge to buy his goods, but more power to him. The free market is what built 'Murka, and I hope he gets all the market will bear.

I'll just keep buying user/used up grade Ancient Gillette razors.
Dave I'm with you on this one.

Wolfman design never appealed to me. Somehow, it's just not aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

To each his own, YMMV, horses for courses, different strokes for different folks and by all means DGNED, as someone said in another post.
I guess we all guilty of chasing that thing that gives the ultimate shave .. but like the wheel, and it's very limited parameter of perfection, the perfect safety razor was invented very early in its evolution.

The renewed popularity of DE shaving is just going over old ground. The aggressive razor is having its day again to bring a feeling of machismo to shaving .. and I bet the mild efficient razors will have their day again too.

Wolfman and the other boutique brands are lovely quality - I don't doubt they give the user added enjoyment just knowing the are using a very expensive safety razor or taking photos of it - and I'd love one myself - just not enough to pay what I regard as serious money.

My £30 vintage Gillette's are as rich as my short pockets go.
Serious craftsmen try their best to create "perfection".
The cheapest CASIO is also more accurate than the Swiss COSC certified mechanical watch, but wearing a watch is not entirely just to avoid being late for work.

Since B&B is a place to develop a hobby, it is good to add a personally affordable pleasure in addition to solving the hair problem.
There is no need to feel any guilt for this, everyone is just spending the money they have legally earned, as long as it does not cause the wife to be unhappy.
I like having nice artisan made things that work well, look amazing, and make me happy. If I have the funds to do so, then why not. I prefer to seek out the best overall shaving experience, as opposed to simply striving for the perfect shave result. Even though I have other razors that provide a better ultimate shave result than my current Wolfman razors, I thoroughly enjoy using the Wolfman razors more than all others. Something about the smoothness and the balance that makes me smile every time I use one. And they shave really well too. I do take some pics of the razors and post them, but that has zero to do with my choice of razor, or any other decision regarding shaving. I post pics because of the camaraderie of this forum. We all share our shaves of the day, and participate in ‘events’ because it’s fun. All of this stuff turns a drudgery of a grooming task into something very fulfilling, and even exciting.
I bought a WR1 and a WR2.
Both are beautiful razors and good shavers but you can get better shaves and great quality from companies like RazoRock and Blackland for a lot less money and no annoying wait time and sales tactics.
My rr game shaves better than my wr1 for $55 and is cnc milled from stainless. The finish just isn't so shiny or pretty.

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