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New (well, new to me!) razor, all I have to say....WOW

Yep, my first pro honed straight, and my first quality straight (no more "where was this made" stuff!).

I bought a restored 5/8" Lakeside Cutlery Co. (Chicago, Ill) straight from Joe Chandler. Today I recieved it in the mail. Well packed, padded envelope, with a classic style razor box inside, and inside that was the razor, carefully paper wrapped.

The razor itself was very nicely restored. There is a little evidence of surface cellulose corrosion on the joint (what cell handled blade doesn't?), but teh rest of it is just gorgeous. This razor could pass for brand new.

Of course, being me, the very first thing I do when I get it out of the package is rip some hairs off of the top of my head, and do a hanging hair test :001_smile

IT PASSED! This thing is scary sharp. I can't wait until the rest of the shaving stuff I ordered over last weekend arrives! I want to use this when the rest of the kit `n kaboodle arrives

Oh dear...I think I might have to buy another straight to celebrate getting this one. :laugh:
Straight razors kind of trip me out. It's like, whoa, I'm going to put that thing next to my face?

Maybe one day but that day seems a long way off.
Steve, congrats! Joe C. is a great guy. I have a few razors honed by him. Enjoy and get ready for a new acquisition disorder.

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