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New vape recommendations?

I didn't even know we had a vape subforum. Long time vaper here, my mod is at least 3 years old, any recommendations fellow B&B members?
I've been a Sigelei fanboy for quite some time. Other than my Wismec noisy cricket 2, but it's a mech so you need to know what you are doing with it.
I will say however, my wife, son and his girlfriend all have Voopoo drag mods with the Voopoo mesh tanks. They have turned out to be very good set-ups.

Lately I have been switching between my Wismec with a Cloudchasers Archon V2 RDA and a Teslacigs Punk mod with a Voopoo Uforce tank.

I used to use a lot of Smok tanks, but the coil QC is extremely poor. For a nice regulated all-in-one that won't break the bank, the drag kit with the mesh coils is a tough one to beat.
Depends on what your looking for like the bonza 1.5 rda by vaping bogan is good same as his rta the bloto I’m currently running the bonza on a coilmaster blue jeans but for ez of use I would say a bloto on a siegeli kaos 200w gives you the power you need for dtl and you can run mtl as well (keep in mind the bloto is a tight DTL draw)I tend not to use replaceable coil tanks as I run out of coils and then I can’t vape.
Been using a SMOK RPM40 with a .3 coil and Havana Beach juice for awhile and quite happy, decent cloud and excellent mild flavor
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