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    Since USPS Shipping rates have increased in 2016, we decided to check out other options and decided to offer USPS First-Class Shipping on all orders that are 13 ozs. or under! That means those of you who wish to try our Stone Cottage Soapworks Premium Shaving Cream Samples will be able to order without having to pay $6.45 shipping but rather a smaller First-Class amount! Quite frankly, we took a look at our shopping cart statistics and found quite a few abandoned shopping carts with these samples in them so we went straight to the USPS and made the appropriate adjustments and now you have both "Priority Mail" and "First-Class Mail" as your options for these and other small orders! Thanks for your patience and for your continued support! We appreciate your business!
  1. Rudy Vey

    Rudy Vey Vendor Contributor

    Good idea Dave - I also have started to use FC mail more than in the past - some of the priority rates are outrageous!
    Don't ask me about the new FC rates for Canada and international destinations....
  2. Thanks Dave ! Yeah several are getting Redonkulous ! Thanks for more options !
  3. Several people have used the first class shipping option so it appears to have been a good idea!
  4. Stone Cottage = awesome ;-)
  5. Thank you, kind Sir!
  6. OK Guys! Keep those sample orders coming in! As soon as they come in, they're processed and shipped! I got you covered!

    Headed out to the Post Office yet again!

  7. I'm bumping this thread up because so it is above the thread in my forum from 2010 which doesn't reflect the current USPS pricing for 2016. I want you to have the most current figures and the current shipping options to help you make your purchases at Stone Cottage Soapworks! Keep those orders coming in!

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