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New user with a question (of course) :)

If I would put these two together I would say it is very likely you will get a better shave with a DE - but REALISTICALLY seeing that you also shave with an one pass against the grain, I would estimate you would have a learning curve in front of you. So just switching and expecting the same results overnight would be unrealistic. I do not do it myself, but we do have brothers that have made the one single ATG pass into an art. You might want to check out @JoWolf ’s notes here:

And then perhaps start with a small investment like a Tech or Fatip and start experimenting.

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Thanks for the mention @Guido75. My transition from carts to DE included starting off the same as many do. A proper three pass beard reduction shave. Although my cart shave was a large part ATG. It was still a two plus pass shave. You are right there is a significant difference between De & Carts. My single pass ATG DE shave was a gradual process based on a three pass shave. First eliminating passes and then eliminating WTG & XTG strokes.

@dmathis The ATG Thread I started was the end of that journey.

This thread is the beginning. If you flip through it you will see that it was very much a methodical progression to a
single pass ATG Shave.

I have since retracted my single pass ATG to a 1 1/2 - 2 pass. The Single Pass was too quick and I enjoy lathering. I also prefer a slower shave. I exclusively use ATG strokes for both my face and head shave.

DE Mechanics vs Cart Mechanics
A Cart razor head pivots as it is usually dragged over longer strokes and rides up and down over the skin irregularities. Your wrist is relaxed and also moves through the stroke.

A DE razors head is fixed no movement. Your wrist Must be Locked. Short quick strokes are the strokes needed for accurate precise strokes. The accuracy and precision needed for an ATG single pass shave is far cry from a Cart razor. I used carts in access of 50 years. I could get very close to a BBS but all shaves were less.

I am a weekly shaver now and all my shaves are 72hr. BBS. Impossible for a cart to shave that accurate or close. A straight or Kamisori could and of course all the SE razors. Each and every one of them requires a lot of practice with excellent technique. Again please note. I am not talking about the average shave. There is a small percentage of us shaving that close.

I had an excellent 8-day face & head shave this afternoon. I will not feel whiskers break skin for 24-30 hrs. Full face and head whiskers grown in at 72hrs. Since I have sensitive skin and a fair amount removed in the shave. I need time to grow enough skin for another shave. My weekly shaves require good skin care pre, and post shave. Critical for my skin. You need to be a BBS freak with OCD hang ups to consistently shave like this. My happy place 😆
Thanks for all the great responses. Lots is food for thought there, and lots of good info. I'm thinking that I'm going to give it a try and see where it leads me. Thanks again for the great advice and recommendations.
We like to share our experiences if they may help. Relaxing was one of the harder aspects of the shave for me.
Enjoy your shaves.
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