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New user looking for the Goldilocks combo

Welcome! I’m assuming A&M? Gig ‘em and Merry Christmas! I’m not an Aggie but a Houstonian (Katy). I’ve been in this 6 months. The best advice I can give someone starting out is to find a good vintage Gillette Slim. That way you can inexpensively experiment with the level of aggression as you ramp up, and that strategy may save you the expense of trying/buying/selling several other razors before you narrow down the level of aggression/efficiency you are looking for in a razor. I THOUGHT I had sensitive skin and was only interested in mild razors, but as my technique improved I kept wanting more aggression. It sounds like this happened for you too, and quickly. The Platinums work great in a Slim, and many people love that razor enough to shave with it for a lifetime. If you want a nice SS razor that won’t break the bank and is mid-high aggressive but still safe and smooth you can’t beat a Razorock Gamechanger 84 safety bar from Italian Barber IMHO. I would advise skipping the 68 plate if you go that route- sounds like you are already well past the very mild razor stage. Sampler packs are great for soaps, after shaves and blades, and there is no shortage of well researched and well written reviews on this forum for every shave product under the sun.
I'll second the suggestion to get an adjustable razor. I keep returning to my Merkur Progress. If that's out-of-budget, the RazoRock Adjustable is certainly worth trying. It's cheap enough!

I shaved for a long time with an Edward Jagger DE89. That's a "mild-to-medium" razor. I thought that the Gillette Heritage was an EJ DE89, re-packaged. If that's right, I'm surprised that you found it too mild.

Something else worth trying (as suggested) -- get a blade sampler, and see if some other blade works better for you.

. . . The sharpest blade available is the Feather "New Hi-Stainless" blade, according to many people.

Buy a few of those, and see if you change you idea about the Gillette Heritage.

. Charles
FWIW, I started my teenager off on the following progression (all with PermaSharp, Nacet, or Astra SS blades):

#1 -- First razor: Feather Popular. Mild & predictable butterfly-type DE razor.
#2 -- Second razor / First 3-piece: Merkur 25C (*actually, a RR 'Old Type' head replaced the original it after a while, due to it having been dropped/bent). *I had used the original head for 10 years before he damaged it.*
#3 -- Third razor (once his "peach fuzz" started turning to actual whiskers): RR SLOC -- great medium razor. This could have been the end of it, had I not wanted to put him into a stainless steel head.
#4 -- Fourth (final?) razor: RR Game Changer .68OC --- this was my first stainless razor. I still think it's about as good as it can get for some people. My beard became a bit more coarse as I got past my 40s, so I opted then for a little more aggression/efficiency. Until (if?) my son gets to that point, I think the GC .68OC (or a GC .84P) will serve him well.

One of the best parts about a RR "Old Type" or "SLOC" is their price point. You can buy one (plus a stainless handle) for <$20 and use it for 10+ years. By then, your tastes/beard may have changed anyway...
Based on the not to harsh, not to mild criteria in your search, you may want to get a Rockwell and try the different plates. They tend to get pretty good reviews.
Since I've recently discovered the RazoRock Game Changer 68-P and the GC 84-P, I'd be remiss if I didn't "Fanboy" out and recommend, both.

In the past month, or so, since getting these razors, I have consistently gotten, arguably, the best and most CCS in my life.

I do admit to using cheap DE razors up until now.


I also shave about once every 2-3 days. I use a Fatip OC. I've tried a variety of blades with varying results. Some are so aggressive, I can only shave with one pass (with touchups) or else I'll suffer from pretty bad razor burn. With other blades, I can get my usual BBS shave with two passes (with touchups) and my face feels great afterward.

Unfortunately, since blades (as with pretty much everything else in wet shaving) are very much a YMMV thing, I can't guarantee that the blades I like would work for you. That said, I personally really like the Lord Platinum and the LOI Titanium blades. For sharper blades (where I can only make one pass), there's the Personna Lab Blue.
Also, you may want to try the Karve OverLander in brass. A very efficient and mild shaver that is one of the best you can get. I do two passes and use Feathers, Facets, PolSilvers, Wizamets and 7 O'clock (black version)
You won't find your Goldilocks razor. This is a myth, just use the razor that gives you the best results. In addition to DE, there is also an SE razor. Buy some vintage razors for a fraction of the price and pick your favorite. You can buy a modern razor. What are you more drawn to? Only after testing you will find your option. use what you like. Good luck!
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