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New Trick? Shaving with Equate Daily Face Wash!! what do you think

I bought this yesterday to wash my face with but I looked at the ingredients and it had glycerin and aloe plus some other ingredients of shaving creams. The texture was quite similar to that of shaving creams as well and with badger blade honestly made a great lather!!

What do you guys think??? its less than 3 bucks at walmart!!!


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Generally, ingredients that make a shaving soap a good shaving soap make it a less than ideal cleansing soap.
Likewise, ingredients that make a cleansing soap a good cleansing soap make it a less than ideal shaving soap.

That's oversimplified, it may not be one or more specific ingredients, but rather the proportions.
I gave Cetaphil antibacterial bar soap a try because it feels so smooth when washing my face. What a mistake, after the shave I a had major razor burn and had to load my face up with Proraso pre/post shave for relief. I won't be trying anything else in the future other than shaving products no matter how soft and smooth they feel on the hands and face.
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