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New to wet shaving


I usually use cartridge razors (Gillett ProGlide). Looking to get into wet shaving with a SE. I have never used a SE. I tried the King Gillett Safety Razor but couldn't get a close shave. I like to have a very close shave and I shave every day. Was thinking the Supply Pro or Leaf Thorn based on what I have read so far. Just seeing if anybody has suggestions on those or if I should be looking at a third option. Thanks for your help!
Welcome. I'm no expert in cartridge or SE razors but I would suggest keep trying DE razor and blade combinations as there are plenty to choose from to get the shave you want to achieve.


I shaved a fortune
Best SE, in fact the best shaving razor ever made is the Schick injector, especially the E, G and J models. No technique required for effortless baby butt smoothness. Use only Chinese “Schick” blades, in the yellow package.
I'm about to start my first shaves with my Mother's G4 and G8 Schick injectors... and I found an E2 with a handle I like on eBay just the other day. It should show up in a week or so. I loaded both my mother's razors, but I don't remember which one has the Chinese Schick blade in it... I loaded the other one with a Ted Pella blade.... I've read those aren't that good. I only have one pack of 5 of the Chinese Schick blades.

Any suggestions on how to tell which one has the Chinese Schick in it? I'd just ditch the Ted Pella if I could tell them apart.. I will try to look at each in the packages.. I can easily push them out for viewing... but I seem to recall they looked the same.
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