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Hi all,

I have recently started with my first fountain pen. It is a Lamy that was given to me by a friend. Not sure which model. Needless to say I am hooked! I never knew writing could be so smooth. There are a few times it feels scratchy, but I am sure it is the way I am holding the pen.

I will probably eventually upgrade, but for now I am enjoying my Lamy. I think in the future a pelikan maybe? Possibly a custom? I know Rudy has been doing designs for a long time now. This looks like another acquisition disorder I will have to support.

Welcome! Glad you are enjoying your Lamy. Post a picture, and I'm sure someone here could identify the model for you.

Fountain pens are definitely a rabbit hole you can go as far down as you want to (or your wallet can afford), especially when you factor in all the varieties of styles, filling mechanisms, nib sizes, nibs grinds, etc. Then you get into inks, paper, and accessories! It truly is limitless. Of course, the prudent advice is to go slow because your tastes and interests will evolve as you get more exposure to the hobby. But yeah, you do you.

I have two Pelikan M200s, both of which I thoroughly enjoy.


Welcome home. Pull up a stump and set a spell. If you are new to fountain pens and transitioning from ball points and roller balls your scratching is most likely do to wrist writing where you are rotating the tip so that the tines are not parallel to the paper. Pay attention and try to get used to using your whole arm. It will feel weird at first but I think you'll find it will make things even more enjoyable.

Welcome, I agree with some of the suggestions above for scratchy nibs. One thing to pay attention to is if there is a specific thing that makes it feel scratchy. If you follow the advice and ensure that you are using minimal pressure and not twisting the nib and are still getting scratchiness there are a few things it could be and I am sure you can find people here who are willing to help.