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New to the forum just saying hello

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say hi been lurking around for awhile reading post but thought I would finally introduce myself. Been wet shaving for ages with what I would consider the vanilla of wet shaving a DE89 and Feather blades but recently took the straight razor plunge. Well thanks for all the information and hope everyone is having a great day.

Jason Croyle
Welcome to B&B.

I'd put Feather blades as more of a Bitter Lemon than a vanilla (they've got a bit of a bite to them). Derby would probably be vanilla, though maybe with a 99 flake, with Astra SP as a mint choc chip. Still searching for rum and raisin...

Looks like I'm the first of the straight razor brigade to lean forward and say "so what did you get?". Looking forward to hearing all about it.
Welcome to B&B Jason and welcome to the gentlemanly art of straight razor shaving. Pop on over to the straight razor section of B&B for their wonderful world of knowledge.
Welcome! As a fellow newbie - dont be shy to ask questions. This board has been a great resource for me so far!
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