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New to the Board. 6-7 months raw growth

Ive had a few beards that had to be shaved down to Business Casual due to corpo bull****. Now Im working for myself after 20 years and the two beards I destroyed ****s getting white gloved.

Pic is 6-7 raw a scruffy. I purchased a heater/straightener and several combos from a few companies. Im trying to line up a big boy we will see.💀
Looks good.

Which beard straightener did you get? I got the aberlite one from Amazon. But my beard wasn't long enough for it. It did straighten it some. But I'm thinking of getting the one for shorter beards
At some point, trim the sides and some at the bottom....makes it look fuller.....just a trim of stragglers....

Those heated special hair brushes did not work for me..... a hot blower and some balm/pomade seems to work bett4er for me.
Nice beard. I just put a little oil in mine, drag a comb through it, then let it do what it wants to do. Straightening makes it look longer, but for me at least I would rather keep the waves and curls at make it look fuller. Getting more length is easy, it just takes more time.
Thanks for the replies. I purchased the Aberlite Pro and am extremely pleased. Right out the box it straighted hairs in one pass although I spent alot more time.

I purchased quite a bit of washes, conditioners, oils, and balms from all the popular companies as well as boar brittish brushes, different wood combs.

I started to trim the lower side burns and feel like I was going to hack it so Im just going to a men's barber for it's first trim. I'll get pics anyway.

So far Ive used the oil, balms, brushes and combs from GBS and Im very pleased.


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