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New to straight razors

A friend of mine who decided straight razors arent for him gifted me a razor. It seems quite blunt to me. Any advice what the best option for getting it shave worthy? Do I need to get a set of stones?
Do you already shave with a straight? It is preferable to learn to shave before learning to hone, so you know what to blame, and what to correct, if your results are not what they otter be.

BUT... if you insist on going at it the hard way, at least take the easy way to do it, with lapping film.
I agree with Slash. It would be best to have it honed by someone experienced in honing if you are just starting with straights. Then if you decide to get into honing for yourself, you have a benchmark to know where you are headed.
Posting some pics would help us decide the best approach, could be just an easy 15 min honing or could have issues that would require correcting the razors geometry before honing but if it's reasonably in good shape should be an easy fix, if you have never honed a razor you are better off sending it out so you have a good idea what a "Shave Ready" razor is.
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