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    So in true B&B tradition. In a attempt to save money, I've spent more than I would have spent in the short term to get in the game. Long term I'm sure it would be cheaper but to be honest I've not even calculated it.

    I just bought this stuff and will have a play with making my own oil and balms next weekend.
    It would be nice to have a bit more essential oils but I can add more later.

    Any tips, favourite recipes or scent mixes.

    Capture 1.JPG
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    Capture 43.JPG
  2. Looks like a fine selection of carrier oils for skin and hair. Depending on viscosity and absorption speeds wanted will depend on amounts of which you want in your final blend, as well as specific effects on hair and skin (for oily skin, straightens hair, helps with split-ends, etc.)

    Some links to help with some of that:
    1. A Guide to Carrier Oil Substitutions - Humblebee & Me
    2. Carrier Oils - What are Carrier Oils - Uses & Benefits for Skin & Hair
    You also need to look at shelf lives of different oils to determine how much to buy. Twice as much for 50% more cost isn't a deal if you throw 75% of it away. Most oils can be refrigerated to extend shelf life.

    Making my own beard balm/oil and moustache wax?
  3. cleanshaved

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    Thanks Clay. Yeah I need to look at shelf life closer, I do intend storing them in the fridge.
    My first adventures will be playing with different oil mixes, so expect to use a bit more than I would when I settle on what works for me.
    Unscented oils of different blends first up. Then play with some scented ones after I find the mix that works for me.
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    I hope that your experiment works. Subscribed to find out the outcome.
  5. Well! making our own stuff really helps and exploring ofcourse, Best of Luck for your experiment and would definitely looking forward for the positive result :)
  6. cleanshaved

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    The box of goodies arrived today. Now I was going to wait till the weekend to play but mixed up a small simple batch to use tonight. Like waiting was going to happen.
    Used a 10mm bottle with eyeball equal parts of Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Sweet Almond oil.
    Added some Rose Geranium oil and Cedarwood oil.
    So for the first small batch I am happy so far. The blend is nice and light, with the beard feeling well hydrated. The scent pleasant.

    The day after I placed my order the Rose Geranium – Cosmetic Grade Oil returned to be in stock.
    So swapped the Rose Geranium Essential Oil that I ordered to Rose Geranium - Cosmetic Grade Oil.
    It smells great. The Cedarwood Atlas is also a nice smelling Cedarwood.
    The Vetiver is very earthy in the bottle and will be keen to smell it in a oil. It was a should I shouldn't I moment. Used judiciously this should work well......I hope. I'll add a few drops to the current blend in a few days and see what it does to the mix.

  7. cleanshaved

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    Made a very small batch of balm today. I wanted it for conditioning not hold so did not add any bees wax.

    Approx. 8 grams each Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, 3/4 of a teaspoon Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil and Sweet Almond oil.
    Placed some unscented in a bowl then added 4 drops of Vetiver oil and Rose Geranium oil to the remaining.

    Tried the unscented tonight and found it worked well for me. Not greasy at all and beard fells nicely conditioned. I rubbed the scented one on the back of my hand to get of the scent. Very earthy straight up but calmed down within a few minutes. Not too bad at all.


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