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Hello all,

Been exclusively shaving with straights now for a little over 5 years.... along that time, I bought a couple new razors, then the vintage bug bit me and have been steadily collecting older razors... something about the way a older razors shave just feels so much better.... recently, I started restoring my own. Found this forum a couple years ago and finally decided to join. You guys on here have a tremendous knowledge base that I'm glad for.


Welcome. As you said there is a lot of knowledge an the boards and folks are usually happy to share it. Even differences of opinion are generally had in a gentlemanly fashion.

Have you found a style of straight you prefer? I thought I had found Nirvana with Japanese western grinds, then I got a couple of Swedes. More experimentation is required.
Welcome! Glad to have you. I haven’t tried a straight yet. I’m not sure my wallet could handle it at the moment. 😄
True, it's not cheap. You will need a budget of about USD 150 to fully set yourself up with a decent shave-ready SR, good basic strop and diamond pasted balsa strops. Then there is the ongoing cost for diamond paste at about USD 5 per year.
Throw in a Norton combo 4000/8000 grit stone and you're set for a good long while... The problem is stopping at just one straight razor... lol
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