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New to Ebay - What is a Snipe

My wife snipes everything she buys - she rarely looses.

I don't know the exact mechanics of her strategy, but I know she keeps multiple browser windows open the whole time and is constantly refreshing the one that shows the current bid.
...I currently have a riding lawn mower for sale which is over $1,000 away from selling. However, not to worried because there is over 130 "watches" which simply means that in the last seconds of the listing they'll be a bidding frenzy.

I was watching a tractor earlier in the week and it jumped $500 in the last three minutes.:eek: I didn't bid because it was already more than I was willing to pay.

As a buyer, I personally hate when people bid very early on in the auction. All it does is drive up the price of the items. All the items I've won on ebay I've won in the last 30 seconds. I set a price I'm willing to pay. If I get outbid, too bad. If the bids are higher than that when I check, I quit.
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