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When I was younger, I'd borrow my Grandfather's Gillette adjustable razor until the shaving world changed and the Trac II came out. I still have a Trac II handle and blades I use when I travel, and I also own a Gillette Fat Boy adjustable I use now and then. However, I have an Above the Tie Windsor style "R" with their 3" Atlas handle for my week-in, week-out regular shave. I use Japanese Feather blades exclusively after trying all the popular blades available and use Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap with a Semogue "Owners Club" silvertip badger brush. The setup described has been my go-to for ten years and could easily work for the rest of my life. Although, lately, I have been itching to try a new brush. My current Semogue has a 15mm knot and 50mm of loft. I've read through a lot of the threads about brushes, and am leaning towards something from Simpson, Thater or Shavemac, but I am not particularly brand focused. I would like a great quality silvertip badger brush, and while price isn't my main concern, I'd like to keep it under $300, or even less. Considering how great my Semogue has been, and continues to be, I know first-hand there are quality brushes available without spending a small fortune. I appreciate any suggestions, and all of the great information in this forum!
Welcome to the legendary B&B! Home of excellent wet shaving, comradeship and Enablers, Inc 😁

As for brushes and your research so far, you cannot go wrong with a Simpson T3. And it doesn’t break the bank either.


Thanks, everyone! I am waiting on buying a new brush since I just ordered an Above the Tie single edge X1 razor! I've considered a slant razor for a long time but I thought the artist club-style blades were unique enough to try out. Since ATT offers a 90-day return policy, I figure if it doesn't work out, I can always exchange for one of their slants that use a double edge blade.


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I have been entirely pleased with my original Above the Tie razor, but am also excited to try their X1.
It's a good choice from all the talk recently, I have another AC razor that is no longer available. I was of course joking around about the acquisitions, good luck on the brush hunt eventually!
good luck on the brush hunt eventually!
Thank you. I like my Semogue so much that I decided the razor would be a better purchase for now. Most of the brushes of interest are quite expensive, and it isn't like my new razor was cheap! But, after ten years of weekly use, I don't feel bad at all about my previous purchases, nor a future purchase.
So much for holding off on a new brush! I ordered a Simpsons Special Edition Colonel X2L Manchurian Badger in faux Jade. I almost went for the Manchurian T3, but the price was too much for me to swallow. I love my ten-year-old Semogue Owners Club badger brush, so it will be interesting to see how the Simpsons compare. I also ordered some DR Harris Arlington shave soap as I have used their Arlington aftershave milk for years. I still have an unopened puck of Mitchell's wool fat, so I have officially entered the world of multiple shaving options from a single go-to. My poor checking account.
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