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New to B&B....and excited to be here!

Hey everyone,

I have been reading through the B&B forums for almost a month, and decided it was time to sign up. Just to give you guys a little history I live in Eastern Canada and I'm 34yrs old. I'm obviously not new to shaving (or butchering myself) but I am completely new to wet shaving.
Here's what's currently in my setup...

Proraso Shaving Soap
Williams Shaving Soap
Adidas Ice Dive, Dynamic Pulse and Sport Fever aftershave
Old Spice Classic and Fresh Scent aftershave
Aqua Velva Ice Sport aftershave
Nivea Extreme Comfort and Replenishing aftershave balm
Gillette Excel Sensor 3 razor

Booster Ice Polar aftershave (ordered and should be here any day)

Of course, I plan on adding to this list.

My routine is as follows....

Splash face with hot water
Lather up and shave (ouch ouch ouch!!!)
Splash face with cold water
Jump in the shower
Apply aftershave
Apply aftershave balm

Before I go any further, I shave after I shower as mentioned above. It seems most guys that I know shave afterwards. I never understood that. Yes it helps soften the hairs, but showering after shaving helps wash away any lather and cleans up any cuts or whatever I might have inflicted on myself. Does it really matter? I don't really feel any difference if I shave after I shower.

Another question, please bear with me. I have a beard but there's still plenty of hair on my neck that I shave everyday. Unfortunately the hair on my neck goes past my Adam's Apple and even touches the collar of some shirts. If I don't shave that lower part, the stubble can sometimes get caught in the neck of my shirt and it's quite uncomfortable. So for that reason, I shave my neck daily. I always strive for a really close shave. Basically since I've been shaving, I ensure that when done, I can't feel any stubble whatsoever. To accomplish this I have to make multiple passes...and eventually against the grain. I always have a slight raw feeling after shaving. I want to be able to experience a really close shave, so that when I try to feel the stubble by running my finger against the grain, I can't feel it. Even now I don't get every single section perfect, but I get it as close as possible. Can I accomplish this with a DE razor? I've read that cartridge blades help cut the hair below the surface of the skin due to having multiple blades and that rubber piece just below the blades to lift up the hairs. DE razors on the other hand, simply cut the hair at skin level. Which I would think would be nowhere near as close of a shave. Any advice?

Last question. Most of the redness caused from shaving goes away not long after. I did notice that when using the Old Spice Classic or Fresh Scent, my skin stays red for quite a bit longer that if I use Adidas or Aqua Velva (redness is almost non-existent). I'm looking for a way to keep using Old Spice but to eliminate the redness. I'm hoping the solution isn't to stop using OS as I love the Fresh Scent aftershave.

Thanks! :)
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First of all welcome to B&B. Your face will have to get use to your new way of shaving but I can't see any problem shaving the lower neck area. Use your fingers to pull the skin under your neck to make the stubble stand up, men were doing that for thousands of years before that rubber piece on the cartridge blade was invented. Get some witch hazel to help healing and break the neck area in slowly then use your Old Spice. Just remember learning to DE shave doesn't happen overnight and all of us have some bad shaves sometimes.


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Welcome to B&B!

1-If it works better for you before the shower, that's fine. The shower process helps my skin to be prepared for the shave. When I'm done shaving, I wash my whole face with cold water to get rid of any lather and close the pores.

2-Yes you can accomplish the shaving with a DE. It might that you some time to find the right angle and direction but it's very possible

3-There might be something in Old Spice that doesn't agree with you.
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