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FS New TITAN ACRO T.H-70 Straight Razor – Worldwide

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Offered for sale from 25 April 2022 is a new (never used) Titan ACRO T.H-70 martensitic stainless steel 13/16 Dutch (round) point straight razor dressed in Ebony timber scales. This blade still has its factory edge which is sharp but will need some honing to get shave ready. This is Titan's top-of-their-range straight razor.


The SR is made by Titan in Yilan, Taiwan, with a blade blanks of steel specially developed by Titan in conjunction with their Japanese steel manufacturer. They are heat treated using a special ceramic package heat-treatment method developed by Titan. Overall this produces an exceptionally hard steel for straight razors, incorporating a fine grain structure with good inter-granular bonding. This steel takes longer to hone the normal high carbon steel but takes an incredible edge with a long service life between refreshes.

This SR is ideal for those new to traditional straight razor shaving but would also please many experienced SR shavers. Once properly honed to shave-ready, this SR can be maintained indefinitely (baring physical damage) just with a 0.1um diamond pasted balsa strop.

Blade Material = ACRO stainless steel (Japan)​
Blade Hardness = 67 to 69 RHC​
Blade Width = 21mm (13/16)​
Grind = half hollow​

Point = Dutch (round)​
Blade Finish = mostly mirror​
Edge Length = 67mm​
Bevel Angle = 18.6°​
Blade Thickness = 0.08mm at top of bevel​
Mass = 75g​
Stabiliser = single​
Jimps = underside of shank only​
Tail Length = 22mm opened 270°​
Scale Material = African Ebony timber with brass end cap at wedge​
Scale Thickness = 14.1mm at about mid-length​
Scale Width = 13.4mm at pivot pin​
Pins = brass x 2​
Wedge = parallel aluminium alloy​
Length Overall (open) = 240mm​
Length Overall (closed) = 156mm​






PRICE is USD 90 plus postage & insurance (USD 10 to USD 30 max.). Optional honing to shave-ready is available at USD 40 extra. Payment by PayPal G&S only. Price will drop USD 10 about every week until sold.

DELIVERY (postal with tracking) should be about 1 to 4 weeks.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they are allowed to import a straight razor via their postal service and to meet all their local taxes, duties, fees and other charges.

PM me if interested.
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I shaved a fortune
I want to bump this up... at $50, you are getting into tempting territory....

I've looked online at the Titans at their factory store. I can never tell exactly what I'd be getting. You make it a safe bet.
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