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New Supply SE

I received the Supply SE with the "open comb" design today. I am one of the lucky few that lives close enough to Supply that I got my razor in 1 day. In short, this razor performs like the post-war Tech of the SE world. If you like that kind of razor, then you will like this one. If you want more efficiency, I would look at the Pro. Overall, I recommend this razor and I am happy with Supply in general!

On to the details...

The razor came nicely packed with black label blades. The razor has a single spring-loaded screw that can be used to disassemble the razor for easy cleaning. It is fairly hefty and was nicely finished. No issues with workmanship or other defects.

Loading the included black label blades was very easy, no issue there. I had removed the cardboard insert as part of disassembling the razor so that may have made it easier.

I normally use a Schick Adjustable with the Chinese-made Schicks aka (Chicks) on about 4-7 depending on the day and the sharpness of the blade.

I am a BBS chaser so I was curious about the guard and "no-nick" description of the razor. I took it for a spin with my normal 3-pass shave (WTG, XTG, ATG) with touch-ups.

Overall, the razor/blade combo is very smooth. There were no nicks and no feedback from my aftershave beyond the menthol coolness. To say this razor leaves you with no irritation is an understatement. As you would expect with a razor that leaves little irritation, it is mild. I would say somewhere around a 3 on the adjustable.

I got a BBS, but I had to use a number of techniques to get there. Primarily stretching the skin, buffing, and J-hooking most of which was done after I had rinsed off the soap residue. I would say it took an extra pass to really get to BBS.

I like the razor and the blades! It is what it advertises, a solid, well made injector razor with quality blades at a reasonable price. It is mild as advertised but can be used to get a BBS.

I think if you are a DFS shaver, this razor is a good choice. If you are a BBS advocate and love razors like the R41, I would suggest the Pro. If you are fine with some extra fiddling to get the BBS when you want it, but value minimizing the risk of nicks and irritation, this is also a good choice for you.

The best comparison I can make to this razor is the post-war Tech. If you like that one, you will like this razor. If you want something more efficient, I would look at the pro.

I would recommend this razor!
I do like this razor. However, getting a good angle is tricky.

Well made, heavy. I do try for BBS, and as FloppyJoe said, it’s more of a low effort DFS shaver.

I’m only 1 shave in, so please take that into consideration.

I once owned the original Supply with the three separate heads and sold it. A bit too heavy.

In all fairness, I’m comparing it to my ATF the I2 Hydro-Magic…tough one to beat.


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Great review thanks for posting. I need a new razor like a hole 🕳 in the head but…
I’ve never tried a SE and the injector looks cool.
I’m tempted by the low thought shall I say “idiot” proof concept here. (No offense) I’m particularly interested in this for beck and back shave. Any thoughts? Thanks
Great review thanks for posting. I need a new razor like a hole 🕳 in the head but…
I’ve never tried a SE and the injector looks cool.
I’m tempted by the low thought shall I say “idiot” proof concept here. (No offense) I’m particularly interested in this for beck and back shave. Any thoughts? Thanks
Assuming you meant "head" rather than back, here's the first SE head shave video review that was posted just the other day:
Got mine today and loaded the black label blades that are included. My resulting shave was BBS by my definition. Three passes and we're done. A rather heavey razor that took no time at all to get use to. I was worried about under the nose but in the end that worry was unfounded as it shaves under my snozzel as any injector for me does. All in, a definite bargin £30 that I paid, but for the usual price its a great razor to have. Just need to make some room on my rack for it. Hmmmmm, what to sell, what to sell.
I got the 2.0 a while back with the white blades. The razor has worked out well, but I could only get a few decent shaves out of the blades. The Schick blades last almost 30 shaves. I've been thinking about getting the new plate with the black blades.
Not trying to hijack the thread, but I've been using my Supply with the SE plate and black label blades for a couple weeks. The new plate fits on the 2.0 alloy handle well and there was no issue loading the first blade by hand.


First impressions were very good with a 3 pass shave giving me near BBS results. There was hardly any blade feel and no nicks or irritation. I would compare the shave to the Supply 2.0 with classic plate. The blade lasted for 14 shaves though I noticed some irritation after the last couple.

For the next blade I tried loading with the dispenser. Unfortunately I had angled the head down and the new blade fell out after the old one ejected. I got it out of the bin with tweezers and loaded it by hand. This blade only lasted 5 shaves so I'm not sure if it was a dud or dulled when loading.

Overall I like the new plate, but am not sold on the blades. The white label blades worked for 4-5 shaves before dulling and the Personna blades only lasted a few before tugging. The Schick blades last almost 30 shaves with the classic plate. So I'm going to try the SE plate with one.
I have a Supply SE and have only used the black label blades so far. The first blade gave me 14 shaves and I stopped. The second blade gave me 18 before I stopped. I am not sure where the end is. I did not get any irritation at all. I have pretty tough whiskers and normal skin, and usually bin DE blades after 4 shaves. I have not yet tried Schick blades, this is my first injector.

I really love my Supply SE, it is both safe and efficient.


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I have really tried to like their offerings, but for me all were a lesser version of the originals. To heavy, not nimble, not efficient and if you used a more agressive plate or dialed the adjustable up, you were as likely to get blood as you were a close shave. I'll used my E Injector.

They are a good company and I want to support them, but I need a razor I like and so far they have not made it I have tried all they have offered save for the new non adjustable with the comb which from the description would be too mild anyway. I regularly use and R41 and get on well with it but then I also get on well with the mildest Henson.
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