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New stuff at work.


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On 2 weeks holiday, last shift at work was Sunday just gone. Went in to get some supplies today and look what popped up on the shelves at the Supermarket where I work. All from Jack the Barber who I have never heard of. All the products are made in China. I can’t tell you what the Cream smells like yet as it is sealed with a foil seal. The brush is nice and soft and the razor I would say is Zamak. But still, it is nice to see some new shaving products on the shelf and they are all on special this week. I have been asked by customers about where they can buy a DE razor, now we sell them. Hopefully we can sell some to keep them on the shelves. It also looks like the razor head will completely enclose the blade so there is no overhang of the blade tabs. I’m excited!!!!
Neat. I don't think I've seen that razors design before. Good to see it's not just another Merkur / DE 89 type head clone.