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Discussion in 'Hones/Honing' started by Acmemfg, Jan 11, 2019.

    6FDE5918-B5BF-4FA2-A0F3-81F95F1D017C.jpeg Received a couple new Arkansas stones yesterday from Jonathan Coe.
    Dota Creek fine (larger stone)
    Bethesda Black medium (smaller stone)
    Both need to be lapped and then should be ready to go. Gonna be interesting for sure. I have had good results from his Arkansas Grey stone; I’m sure these will performin a similar fashion. We shall see shortly.
  1. you are going to love the dota creek!!!!!

    i need to get some notes on "the grey", i ran out of test subjects.....

    oh yeah, have fun lapping the Dota..... save the Bethesda for when you finish the Dota...
  2. I have a grey to lap today!! Dota next buy! Greg B.

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  3. 4DA058FA-6BF7-48A5-ABBC-2BBA62ED2E3B.jpeg
    Dota Creek after about an hour. Most of it on 150 W/D. Those saw marks are wearing me down!!
  4. joamo

    joamo Contributor

    Keep at it, the Dota Creek is a sweet stone.
  5. The dota is HARD!!!!

    the saw marks (lows) are easy it's all about getting belly down so you can hit the saw marks....

    you will know , i used 60 grit SiC and took me over 2 hours , and used the corner and side of granite to "spot" reduce

    check with straight edge so you can see the high spots

    keep going your getting closer to joining the club
  6. i Absolutley understand why a finished stone is $120
  7. Having lapped a few hard as a coffin nail stones in my time, my go to method when they were way out was spot flattening with an angle grinder and a diamond cup wheel. Basically, you use a diamond plate to do a quick spot lap and get a reference of where the high points are, then grind them down with the cup wheel. Do another check with the diamond plate, then grind some more. Back and forth until it's pretty flat, then finish with loose grit SiC.

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