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Got a box on the way😁 I would be up for sending a few out for opinions.
Forgot to add, if they smell like Arko - I will PIF all of them😉
Let me know if you PIF them. I’d be up for trying a stick out. I’ll pay for postage.

The only Turkish sticks I’ve tried are Arko & Derby and have good results with them.
Any news ? 22 bucks for a dozen sticks is a deal as of late.

Arko is still $17.99 a dozen shipped here.



"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
You're going to have to buy some and send it to him. @FarmerTan doesn't test new products unless they're comp'ed to him.

In fact, if @FarmerTan had to pay for his shaving kit out of his own pocket I suspect he'd have a beard like a Russian Orthodox monk.
I just yesterday was gifted a stick from @Zora ! Will try it tonight, in the wrapper it smells like Arko with a bit of Rose thrown in for good measure!
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