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New Stew!

Good morning/afternoon/evening folks,
I'm happy to announce that I've been selected to be the new steward at your service. I haven't been so active in this thread, but I'm getting my truck ready for more adventures so we'll see what happens.
Looking forward to contributing and hanging out with you guys over in this area!

Oh, a little about me.
My name's Adam, I'm originally from Southern Cal and moved to VA almost 3 years ago. Used to go camping in the desert with my dad all the time and would backpack in Yosemite every summer while I was in high school.
Currently active duty Coast Guard, but am separating from service on 1May to pursue my dreams of driving tug boats.


Rest in Peace
Adam; Congratulations from another new Steward! This forum is a favorite of mine and I have posted here.
Congrats, Adam. Thanks for your service in the CG. Best wishes for success with the new job and thanks for stewarding here.
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