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New SOC Cherry

I recently received my Semogue Owners Club boar brush with a cherry wood handle. I had initially tried a boar brush a while back, but being new to wet shaving I didn't realize I had to break in the brush. It was too prickly for me and I ended up selling it off. I figured I would give boar brushes another chance. And not only that, I wanted to get one that people really thought was top notch. So, I started at the top with the SOC.

I have to say that, even though I've only had it for less than two weeks and it's only been lathered maybe 4-5 times, it's already quite soft. I hate prickly brushes, but this thing just feels nice! Once you soak and lather it, it's hardly prickly at all when I face lather. I'm shocked! I figured I would need to really break this brush in before I'd enjoy it. Looks like it's heading right into rotation, instead!

I can tell there are a few bristles that will need to split to get it really soft. But it's doing quite a nice job already.

Is this common with this brush? Or do you normally need to break it in for a while for it to soften up?
I have the same brush, and my experience is similar to yours. I mostly use badger brushes, so my boars don't see nearly as much use as they probably deserve-- I've had my SOC Cherry for almost a year, but I've probably lathered it no more than a dozen times. It's fairly soft already, but I'm sure it will require more use before more bristles split and it becomes really soft. For whatever it's worth, I also have an Omega Pro 98, with about the same amount of use as the SOC, and it seems just a bit softer. So, my decidedly non-expert response to your question is, yes, it takes some time (more importantly, use) to truly break in a boar knot. There are plenty of boar brush aficionados around here who can give you a more informed answer, I'm sure. In the meantime, enjoy your SOC Cherry-- it's a great looking brush!
Glad to hear that the SOC is just an excellent brush! Thanks, Jim!

I recently acquired a couple badger brushes that are really nice and REALLY soft, so now I'm used to having my face pampered by a cloud. I'm really excited that the SOC might just be up there with my badgers at some point.
i actually like the stiffness of a fresh SOC. it probably makes me a weirdo but i think i'll miss it's firm bristle once it's fully broken in...
It is a very great brush. I was lucky enough to get mine a couple years ago from vintagescent when they were having their Holiday Sale and I got mine for a great price.

That's actually where I got mine. I think it was right around $27 including shipping. For a great brush, I'd consider that price fantastic. It's 1/4 of the price of where the higher-end badger brushes even start selling.
I just found it interesting that this boar brush was soft nearly from the get-go, whereas my past boar brushes were very prickly when I first got them. I didn't actually expect it to be usable for a while.
Mine is in my regular rotation and has become my go to brush for hard English soaps that require a lot of backbone to lather. Got mine from Gifts and Care.com a couple of years ago and have been complete happy with its performance. I noticed that it was softer than previous boar brushes I had purchased, when I received it from Spain, and just assumed it was due to the premium grade of hair used in its manufacture. Not as soft as some of my premium silvertips but a lather machine I can't imagine being without. I'm sure you will enjoy it for many years.
SOC noobs... (I still am so I can say that!) ... Do yourself a favor and commit to using your SOC for a month straight. I can say that the SOC was softer from the start and got better faster than other boars I have including Semogues. If you are in the camp of letting it sleep in and dry for 48 hours then do so. If you haven't got 15-20 good lather and dry cycles on your brush yet you are really in for a treat. My SOC was good after about 10 uses but it came to another level after a month. All boars need some breaking in and the SOC really shines from getting some love and attention!
They had a coupon to save about $3 when I ordered about two months ago, but I believe that's expired. It's actually still an excellent price. Even with shipping, you'll probably only spend $30.

I did the euro-to-dollar conversion on their prices. It's $26.53, plus $3.41 shipping. So, $29.94 shipped to your door. (This assumes shipping is the same as what it cost me on my order.)
It's a top notch boar so it will feel fairly soft out of the gate but it will continue to soften more as the tips split and you break it in.
I got mine in early December. After two weeks, it softened up a bit. After six weeks of daily use, I finally saw what people meant by split tips. It's like the difference between a new pair of tailored jeans and a pair that has molded to you after years of use. Very comfortable.

It's still softening up but it maintains a decent amount of backbone. Be patient with it and it may eventually become one of your favorite brushes.
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