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New shaving enthusiast from the Upper Midwest

Good afternoon gentles,

I have been an occasional cartridge shaver since my teens - which in my case was only a couple of decades ago - and while cleaning out my tobacco cellar recently (I'm also a pipe/small cigar smoker), I decided to put funds into trying a safety razor by way of a starter kit from Stirling Soaps, which was recommended by friends on my favorite pipe forum (PSD).

Fast forward a few weeks, and I find myself absolutely enamored of the hobby. I had no idea what I was missing out on - especially with a brush and soaps! I am gifting my Stirling razor to a friend today after obtaining a Merkur 34C (and not looking back after a half dozen shaves with it), and am steadily growing a number of open soaps and aftershaves, though still mostly samples. I am a bit obsessed with variety.

My favorite scent to date is Stirling's Deep Blue Sea, but I have a lot to be working through, and I haven't jumped into the deep end with hard-to-find or obscure artisan soaps yet. The feel of tallow really makes the experience for me.

I just ordered a couple of classic Gillettes from an Etsy storefront and am keen to give some of the classics a try. I thought creating an account would be the ticket here for following certain threads and getting targeted recommendations/advice.

Thanks and Godspeed!
Welcome, from a fellow enthusiast in the Upper Midwest!

Which Gillette razors did you pick up?
A 1958 Super Speed and a 1964 Ball-End Tech. I only cultivate a goatee on a regular basis, but my lovely wife likes smooth cheeks and chin, so I shave light stubble regularly. My limited experience has told me to start with gentler/closed heads, so I'm hoping this is a good first step.
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