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!!!NEW!! Shaving Brush/Razor Stand

Hey guys!

Just want to take time to introduce a brand new product we are carrying. This item is something we felt was missing from a mass-manufactured standpoint. A stand that holds both razors and brushes in one!

Also equipped with 4 drawers to store your razor blades, styptic pencils, etc. We are wet shavers ourselves and find this product to be exactly what was missing in our bathroom. No longer having to have 5 stands on our counters clogging up space. As a bonus, our wives also approve from the new tidiness :001_cool:

Please let us know what you guys think!

Here is the direct link to purchase yours today!

Multi Razor and Brush Stand by Shave Classic - Holds 3 Razors, 3 Shaving Brushes & 4 Storage Drawers - Natural Wood, Clear Acrylic & Stainless Steel
Darn... You are correct - it probably has something to do with my home ISP. I just tried it over the cellular network and it loaded alright. I'd better restart the cable box.
Anyway, thanks a lot!
I like the idea and the price is great for what you are getting. I would be willing to pay a little more for one with metal rather than acrylic holders and a darker wood tone. But overall looks like a great product and I hope you sell a lot of them
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