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Safari is one of those complex scents with wood and amber in the base that were in their heyday in the late 80s and early 90s. The Prada had an irritating "soapy" quality to me, but many who want a "modern" soapy scent seem to really like it. I tried the YSL a couple times but found it too "synthetic"/harsh, though I usually wear vintage, so most new ones come across to me like that.
I tried the YSL today, I like it after the dry down and it reminded me of Hugo Boss. However it did not have much projection or longevity for me.
YSL L'Homme and Prada Amber are my 2 favorite designers. I mostly buy niche now, but I have held onto these 2 because I love them so much. L'homme is very natural, sweet and light and lasts quite a while for me. It is my most versatile. Amber is sweeter and can be compared to expensive hotel soap, and I think that's a good thing. It's spicy and sweet and quite honestly unique imo. It lasts all day. I love them both.
The Prada Amber is also great, I just wish more scent had the projection and longevity of Guerlian Vetiver
The Prada is a great scent for spring.
I really like it's floral, soapy kind of smell.

Actually, I find it kind of hard to describe to people, but always get a favourable response.
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