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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by shavefan, Aug 15, 2019 at 1:02 PM.

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  2. Triple milled? Sounds interesting. Seems like the stick version of thier triple milled soaps. Both versions offered at a great price.
  3. Most likely made by Saponificio Varesino, there are not that many producers of triple milled soap in Italy.
  4. Interesting. Any guesses what the green ("woody aromatic") and black ("barbershop fougere") scents are based on? Blue is Floid and Yellow is Parma
  5. I got that email. I'd try them.
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  7. oh geez, why did i have to see this?!?! i'm so stocked up on sticks, soaps, and creams... it would be totally ridiculous for me to order this.....yet i know i probably will wind up with them very soon :a17:
  8. I almost pulled the trigger but the $10 shipping stopped me in my tracks. Very curious about them though...
  9. Exactly. That’s ridiculous. I’ve ordered from them before and don’t remember this issue.
  10. @shavefan : you're killing me! Or rather, the War Department will. Thanks a lot brother.
  11. I just make sure to spend $60 for free shipping.
  12. I'm interested in them as well but I already have a what the puck blue soap which is similar to those, I'm guessing. The performance is great but it just dries my skin a lot. I think it's the preservative that's in the soaps that dries out my skin. I think it's the Tetrasodium EDTA. The soaps will last forever but my skin will not...
  13. I think these are almost certainly made by the same company that produces their WTP line. I'm glad to see this same soap line with a classier name :)
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    Unlikely to be SV as they wouldn't cannibalize their premium market.

    And I believe SV steers away from palm oil in their products.

    I'd say it's more likely to be netsi dante making these for IB.
  15. That's like saying no manufacturer makes off-brand products which is simply not true. There are different markets and buyers of this soap are not in the premium market.

    However you might be right with the palm oil, seems SV does not use it in any of their products.
  16. if you got the email alert, you have a discount/coupon code that will take another 25% off the already very low sale price on these new soaps until Sunday. I went and ordered the puck version of the variety pack instead of the sticks because the pucks are each about an ounce bigger than the sticks.

    But beware, even though these are super cheap...there's some kinda free shipping & shaving voodoo mind trickery that makes even the lowest priced items somehow reach 60 dollars in the cart everytime :a17:
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  17. Thanks for the warning!
  18. Darn somehow I didn't get the email. Ooh well, I'd probably be ordering them if I had an additional 25% off. Lol.

    Wonder why I didn't. I have made several purchases from IB. Wonder if it was a random selection, instead of their whole market?

    Hmm... Anyone know if they are unique / use once codes or a single coupon code for all?
  19. Yeah, id rather buy $50 worth of more crap I dont need than pay $10 in shipping. LOL... :001_302: It like driving 20 minutes out of the way to avoid that 5 minute traffic jam! :001_tongu
  20. Lol. Your comment had great merit, let me say from the beginning. However, many (most?) of us will just come back for more shortly, pay multiple $10 shipping fees, and still be happy somehow. Thus, owning up to the weakness and just buying it in one fell swoop is good advice for some (most?).

    I know I've been wrestling with my various aquisition disorders for some time.

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