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New RazoRock Slant design in the works!

I emailed IB asking for some info on where the Stealth Slant falls on their aggression scale as I have no luck finding what the blade gap is online. I got a very interesting reply

"Thanks for your email. I guess you are one of the lucky ones that got a stealth slant as it was an awesome razor.

The Stealth was very similar to the RazoRock German 37. Also, I have some good news, we are currently working on a new slant razor design which we hope to launch in the next few months so we are not able to produce the Wunderbar until after that new slant is released. Once we release the new slant design, we will evaluate if we need to continue to produce the Wunderbar or if the new slant will be the replacement slant razor but we will not decide for at least 3-4 months. The new slant should have multiple base plates and one of the plates will be very similar to the Stealth in smoothness/efficiency."

Very excited to see how this comes to fruition the next 6 months. I also need to tag my Stealth Slant brother @Old Hippie about this :D
That's funny. I was just looking at the Wunderbar yesterday wondering when they'd be back in stock. Now I know what's going on. Thanks for sharing!
Very interesting! I too talked myself out of a Wunderbar. I convinced myself I couldn’t afford it. I’m looking forward to seeing what this new razor is and hoping it’s a little more affordable than the Wunderbar
That is a good idea. I have a Stealth Slant and love it. For me, it is far smoother than the Wunderbar. At one time I had the SS Stealth but sold it when it was going at a huge premium. The only complaint I have about the Stealth Slant is its large head which makes it difficult to get those pesky hairs under my "substantial" (as my wife calls it) nose.
The only complaint I have about the Stealth Slant is its large head which makes it difficult to get those pesky hairs under my "substantial" (as my wife calls it) nose.
Agreed, since I head shave with it I can't use it to clean up behind my ears so I use a Gillette Guard to do that
I convinced myself that, as I shave every day, my skin couldn't afford it!

A slant with multiple base plates would be check mate... ;)

It would be nice for Italian Barber/Razorock to bring their base plate price down or offer package deals on base plates with razors. At 55-65% of the cost of a complete razor, which are very fairly priced to begin with, there isn’t a lot a savings in buying a razor and separate base plates.

I don’t think they are ripping anyone off. You can buy a base plate or a base plate with a cap and handle at wholesale cost.
shame the Wunderbar might be on it's way out, I've been revisiting it a lot lately after neglecting using it for the longest time and forgot how good it can be provided you remember to use a steep angle which I forgot at first. This is probably going to make it my third/fourth "unobtainium" razor (who the hell knows if or when Karve gets it together on their copper front)
***! I just wondered that around the time the Wunderbar might get discontinued for a new model, DSCosmetic came along with a somewhat differently shaving, but visually extremely similar copy.

The main difference is that it isn't as tightly clamped and producing a bit more sound when shaving, but it also allows for more angle variability while shaving.

But who knows, maybe one of the new plates will be very much like the old Wunderbar.

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Oh, boy, more RR slants!

The SS Stealth and the Wunderbar are amazing razors. In my view, neither are perfect, but both are close.

This should be interesting.

You do know about the Rex Konsul adjustable slant coming up soon, right? (Can be preordered; supposed to be available in February.)

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