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New Razorock Products, Palmolive Creams & More at Shavetools.com


Shavetools.com is pleased to announce that we have added Proraso Blue Aftershave Balm, as well as the following Razorock products: Razorock Original Aftershave Wax, Razorock Zi'peppino Aftershave Balm, Razorock Zi'Peppino Shaving Soap, Razorock Fresco Shaving Soap, Razorock Classic Shaving Soap, Razorock Caribbean Coconut Artisan Shaving Soap. Additionally, we have added: European Palmolive Shaving Cream in both Classic and Menthol, Bolzano Superinox blades, and Lord Super Stainless Blades.

Proraso Blue Aftershave

RazoRock Aftershave Wax

RazoRock Zi'Peppino Aftershave Balm

RazoRock Zi'Peppino Shaving Soap

RazoRock Fresco Shaving Soap