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How does the Muhle Rocca differ from the DE89/R89 heads?
The Rocca has a completely different head design than the DE89/R89 razors. In practice I would say that it is more efficient and also has more blade feel. It is one of my favorite razors, partly because I love the birch bark handle. That said, the razors I use most are the Karve Christopher Bradley with the G plate and a Blackland Dart (no longer manufactured). Both of those are more efficient and have more blade feel than the Rocca.
Merica and Yates would also be worthy contenders (if considering the Winning razor.) They all Yates manufacturing. I don’t get the holes in the plate for lather with the Winning razor. They all have fans. Another not mentioned yet with lots of fans is the Henson Al-13. I am a fan of the Henson Medium among many razors. (I never owned the mild). Most of this stuff shows up on BST or you can ask if anyone has interest in selling.
I have the Razorock Game changer.84 and Lupo.72 and really enjoy those 2 razors. The Lupo.72 is a nice razor with excellent clamping and loading the blade and removing it is slightly easier. Lupo.72 has a little more blade feel and I get stellar results.
The RR GC.84 is a tame mid range and is enjoyed by many folks. The QC of Razorock Stainless steel razors are outstanding and work great IMO.
I second @Ron R 's thoughts.

The Lupo .72 bites sometimes, but the Gamechanger .84 is super forgiving of bad technique. I also have the GC .68 plate, but it's a bit too mild for my liking. I don't shave everyday, so take that into consideration. I have had my best shaves from the Lupo .72, but GC .84 is consistently more comfortable. Both are great!

Razorock handles feel great. Out of the three I've used, Barber Pole > HD > Super Knurl. I liked the feel of the Super Knurl handle more than the HD but I prefer the size of the HD in use.
From your listed options I would pick the EJ 3one6 because it should be an upgrade from what you have.

If you are interested in something in the mild range, then I second the recommendation for the AS/D2.

Either of these are excellent razors that will last a life time or longer! :thumbup1::thumbup1:
I would recommend a Yates 921-M with H add on. Fantastic razor that yields excellent shaves.

The Karve Overlander is also an excellent razor with great performance.
You mentioned that you are considering the Razorock Game Changer. I have experience with the Razorock Lupo .72 and .95. Both provide excellent shaves. For the price, Razorock razors cannot be beat! You also mentioned wanting a handle with more grip, the Razorock Super Knurl handle is comfortable and super grippy! Razorock offers complete razors like the Game Changer and Lupo, and you can purchase various handles separately for a few dollars more. Hopefully you find a razor that you enjoy and have many excellent shaves. Good luck!!
What is missing in your criteria is if you are a daily shaver.
If you are, the Game Changer .68 will suit you but the .84 will work too if you are careful.

I'm a daily shaver, used the GC.68P for a long time, thought the .84P was "a bit much", but then used it for a few weeks... and it clicked.

It's my favourite now.

If you end up having to buy both baseplates to make up your mind, it's a popular razor, so spares should be easy to unload on the BST forum.
I am a huge Razorock fan and Any gamechanger would be a good bet (I own a 68p, 68 Jaws, 84p and 84 Jaws) so getting any plate open comb or safety bar is really recommended. I also have the Lupo 72 and I think it is one of my best razors but some might not like the blade feel so I am hesitant to recommend it over the Game Changer line up.
Another option is the PAA Meta-4 which is in stock right now in Stainless steel. The only issues with the Meta-4 is the "machined finishing" and it might hurt your technique since it is extremely comfortable to use (would be very hard to bite or hurt you) and yes I find this a negative.

I hesitate to make a recommendation. All of the above are sound advice. I took another tack. I did a lot of research too and through some sound advice, bought a Executive Shaving Company Claymore Evolution (matte).

I just had another brilliant shave with it just a few minutes ago. One of the very nice things about using an Artist Club Single Edge razor is with the simple change of blades, you can adjust how efficient it is. If you decide to go that route, I'd recommend either the Feather AC ProGuard or the slightly less efficient Feather AC ProSoft Guard. I have very dense, old man, grey whiskers so I prefer the ProGuard. It depends on your beard.

The razor is very intuitive. It won't take you but a couple shaves and you'll become friends for life. Now, around here, you are pretty much required to state: your mileage may vary. But I don't think it will. It isn't cheap, but it's a sound investment, as has been mentioned.
As already mentioned, consider a Gillette Tech. It is the most imitated and copied razor design of all time, because of its' great performance. You can go cheap and get an old corroded one to send out for a replate, or else spend a little more for one in newer condition.
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