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New Razor experience

Part 1

I have been looking to get a new razor for a month or two and thank you to everyone who replied to my posts and to private messages... without your experience etc I don't think I would have pulled the trigger as I just didn't want to make an expensive error.

Through the process I looked at US distributors who you all trusted however found going straight to the manufacture/maker to be a cheaper option plus the maker would make more in the deal than a distributor.
I wanted to support a US maker so I was looking at Portland Razor Company, Brain Brown Works and Jerry Stark. I liked the designs of these makers but just could pull the trigger on a Portland Razor as I am use to a Extra Hollow and their standard is a Quarter Hollow. As I shave around a beard and wanted to stay 6/8 or higher their Kraken or Strix is next in line I think. They were one of the top in email responses and giving insight in chooses etc. Brain Brown discontinues their semi-custom process and randomly puts out razors and being so busy my emails got lost so I sadly took one of his razors off the list. Jerry Stark is all custom so without any type of model to build off from I was a bit over whelmed trying to figure out things.

After looking at the US makers I decided to look at the Germany makers. I looked at Wacker and Aust. Wacker was just as responsive are PRC and they were a pleasure to talk to. Aust was third in response but not far off, I didn't go for an Aust as I couldn't get over the horn scale color and shape. I will probably get one of his down the road as well as everyone likes them.
That left Wacker, I ended up ordering the Wacker Chevalier and it was shipped 3 days ago so can't wait to use it. Wacker say's their razors are shave ready but everyone says its not so I an a bit worried about that as I don't know the skill of honing yet and no one is local (northern VA). My choose was based on a few things, customer service, value, reputation and looks. I wanted a French point and everything else about the blade looks beautiful, its only 6/8 and I was originally looking for 7/8 or 8/8 but that just means I am forced getting more razors down the road lol.
In the process I wish I had a local place I could "try" different razors to see what size and points were like. I would have loved to try a 7/8 or 8/8 French point and how it would be shaving around my beard (control etc). Also to get to try a Portland to see if I like the grind or a Aust vs Wacker to see the difference would be helpful and even a fun experience.

I will follow up once I get and then shave with the Wacker.
Update Part 2

I was told my razor was shipped out on 6-23 and I just received it today!!!!!

I was excited to get home and see my new beautiful razor....
I have to say Wacker was not only great to work with but they hold to their word. I went to them saying I wanted white so I could have my "white knight", in the confirmation email about the razor I was told they went through and founds the whitest horn they could find and they even addressed my concern about the razor needing to be shave ready and as far as I can tell it is!!!!
Also, my disappointment of only a 6/8 French point was met with excitement when I measured it and it's actually measuring 7/8.
I plan to shave with it tomorrow but I few pictures.
wacker.jpg wacker3.jpg wacker6.jpg
IMG_6027.JPG Ah Grasshopper...you chose wisely. The Wacker Chevalier is one of the finest and certainly most attractive razors out there. Please don't forget BRW and Aust. Both are putting out some exceptionally nice products and you will not be disappointed should you decide to acquire one....and maybe another, or another........
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