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New Pure Badger Knots, hair falling out like crazy?

Just as the heading says.

Bought two new pure badger knots from shave forge, both 24mm.
One is installed in a rubberset 200-3, the other in a spare ferrel for a 400-3.

I gave up using the 200-3 due to loosing 12+ hairs each use, think I have used it three times so far.
Have used the 400-3 with the pure knot twice now it it sheds a whole lot worse than the knot in the 200-3, lots of hairs in the soap, on your face during lathering and then when rinsing out the knot when I'm done.
Hate finding hairs when shaving! One or two ok but bunches, not ok!

What gets me is all the 20mm pure badger knots I have from shave forge have been fine, maybe loosing a few hairs first time use, and nothing since.

Is this a common thing? Wondering if it's a bad batch of knots? Or ???

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