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New poll: What is your favorite kind of shave brush?

What is your favorite kind of shave brush?

  • Boar Hair Shaving Brush.

    Votes: 39 31.2%
  • Horsehair Shaving Brush.

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush.

    Votes: 55 44.0%
  • Pure Badger Hair.

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • Best Badger Hair.

    Votes: 9 7.2%
  • (Fine) Super Badger Hair

    Votes: 13 10.4%
  • Silvertip Badger Hair.

    Votes: 48 38.4%

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What is the favorite kind of shave brush in your shave den? You may pick up to three. Be sure to scroll up this page to see the pol!
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The three that I am currently having the most fun with are:
  1. SOC 2-Band Finest
  2. Semogue 2000 Boar - premium 90% tops and super 70% tops
  3. Vielong B0370524 American Professional Shaving Brush - horse hair

And for good measure Semogue 2015 HD 2-Band Finest. I am on a bit of a Semogue roll.
Does the poll add up to over 100% right now? I don't have enough fingers to count it up. An artifact of multiple votes?
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Boar - short and scrubby lofts are best! The best of the best I had to loft and set myself.

I have four badgers, one horse, a couple mixed. Gave the synthetics away. The second-raters are just here to remind me that boar is incomparable. OK, a couple badgers are deeply appreciated gifts. One is a Simpson I took in trade just to give a minimum of justification to my overweening (but completely correct) arrogance about boars, even in the face of the cash-splashing Simpson fan club.

I have great sympathy (but no personal understanding) of anyone who needs a soft brush. Grow up and get a boar! Ten bucks, you can afford it.
Maybe I should go back and edit my prior post into all caps? Anyway, here is the first string. That NOS Ever-Ready will wash out eventually, but it is still scrubby for the moment. Oddly, these are probably the cheapest brushes I own.
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A Two Band, a Silvertip, three boars and a horse. That is my present rotation. I have a white tipped two band coming and it will replace one of the boars in the rotation. I do favour badger hair a little more than boar. The horse is very different than boar and badger also an excellent brush.


1. Silvertip
2. Synthetic
3. Boar

Honestly about half the time I would say I prefer boar to synthetic but if I am being honest with myself I reach for synthetic more often than boar.