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New Plain Vanilla "Flavor" Available

Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Just added a European Bridle leather version of my Plain Vanilla strops. These are my Beginner/Utility? Shaver on a Budget models. A few small cosmetic flaws, a few less hardware and trim options but the same leather types and same performance as my best strops.

I am also restocked on my Roughout Horsehide, my version of the classic "Russian" leather strops as well as a small supply of the Black Latigo I did a member Pass Around / Give Away on in 2019. This is not your old sticky, heavy draw Latigo but rather an "anti-Latigo" with a light creamy feeling draw and a flexible temper. Same leather I now use for caps and handles but occasionally I get a really nice hide that lets me cuts a very few strop bodies from.

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