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Any opinion on the galaxy s5 from Samsung?
I just got it and am trying too learn all the ins and outs.
Not used too a touch pad phone.
The other half dragged me into a new toy.:lol::w00t:
Updates are a must. Check both OTA and play store apps. I'm not a fan of Samsung only because I have a Nexus and like flashing ROM's.
I recently got this phone from my employer when I changed jobs. Still learning it a bit. It certainly is more useful than my old slider phone was. :)
Samsung phones have one major failing -- you can't use them hands free in a car UNLESS you have a rock-solid internet connection because voice commands require interpretation by an online service. Even when it works, the interpretation accuracy is pathetic compared to my old Blackberry Torch, and the lag time for response is frustrating.
I'm running a Galaxy S4 phone for the last year and a half, and I love it. I will definitely get another Samsung phone when its time for an upgrade.

I recently got a Galaxy TabS 8.4 tablet as a birthday present to myself. I really love the power-saving modes, which I think the S5 phone also has. When I switch this tablet into grayscale mode, the battery life is fantastic. When I go into Ultra-Powersaving mode, the tablet estimates over 7 weeks of standby time.
I have had the first samsung galaxy phone the s3 and now the s5 I am a fan of the samsung interface that you just cant get with other android phones I use my s5 for everything but as others have said keep it updated and enjoy the phone
For you other S5 users, does anyone use an arm band while running that works with a low profile case? I have a tech21 case on mine. Thanks.
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