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New pen for my daughter - Pilot 78G

I've posted before that I've had a lot of trouble with the Pelikano I got for my oldest daughter. It is no longer, shall we say, in one piece. :cursing:

I got her a Pilot 78G (dark green, medium nib) to replace it. Man, what a great pen! Seems well-made, the nib is smooth, and the feed is generous. Most importantly, she loves it! After we cleaned it up, we inked it with her favorite color: Noodler's Greune Cactus.
I like the Pilot Metro even better - the cap snaps off vey easily, and the metal body feels (to me) of higher quality than the 78g plastic body. I will admit that I prefer snap-off to screw-off caps.
The Metropolitan seems a bit "weighty" and serious for a kid's pen -- I'd considered it but gave it a pass for that reason. Besides, the 78G color matches the ink color! :001_smile
You know, every time I pick up my 78g it amazes me. You can leave it sat for weeks and it'll write on the first stroke, it doesn't look out of place in the board room and all for £7. The technical director at work asked if he could use mine during a meeting to annotate some reports - "that's an excellent pen" was his comment. Pilot sure do make a great pen...
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