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New Pearl DE Razor or blade teaser !

It's out, at least on their website:

It looks more like a Parker safety bar head clone, but there are some notable differences (pointy baseplate supports, slots instead of pins, no grooves on the safety bar).

Looking at the side profile, the head looks much like the new milder version of the Parker 3 piece razors. The change of the Parkers has obviously happened sometime during the last 2 years. I have been looking at photos of their various 3-piece models for the last 3-4 days. So Pearl, thumbs down for copying the design.
There seems to be some Quality control issues with the razor.

The head is not snugly fixed by the threads and needs a washer to get a sure fit for some razors.

Not all the razors are affected by this issue but it seems like even after using CNC process obtaining consistency is still just out of reach.

Let's see how this goes as needing a washer to get a tight fit shouldn't be in the design and most probably it'll be just a threading issue and company stands behind the customers just like in the Pearl Flexi case.

Ps: I haven't purchased it and this issue has been reported in the Indian FB group of wet shaving (with video).
just got mine today,fit and finish is perfect, first shave this afternoon ,very smooth shaver the weight is spot on dfs for the first use i,m gonna enjoy this razor a lot.
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