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New ,old type?

Yes...I think I would prefer the Grande handle gold.
Already own a Piccolo and find the handle a wee tad too 'dinky' for my big mitts.
The gold appeals because I haven't had a gold razor since I sold my Executive Fatboy a few years ago (it was a lovely razor, but didn't perform as well as I like).
to make it easier for you
Thanks. Nice collection.
Yes, for me the Lo Storto Grande handle is the pick of the bunch.
Thanks for sharing! Great photos.
A Merkur 15c.

I think it's still made by Merkur. It's a replica of the Gillette Old Type (thick cap) from the 1920's (which gives a slightly mellower shave).
I have the Merkur 15 C and is very mild compared.
I read somewhere here that Razorock is mild also.
I use an old type with Fatip top cup and handle and feels like the original.The Gillette cup is bend in the midlle.
I have too many razors and none shave like my Old Types, especially of the thin cap variety. My suggestion would be to buy one with horrible plating but good teeth and have it replated. Good as new.

I am not a fan of RE, especially right now but have to say they make a very nice homage to the OT ball end handles if you get a cracked vintage one. Made very well.
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