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New Old Spice plus clove.

Good Morning

Did a trade with a great Gent from B&B and got some original OS. 2 x 60ml bottles (1 AS, 1 Cologne)
I was used to using the modern version lately and was surprised at the smokiness of the Original especially the Cologne.
Anyway it smelled like clove to me so I put 2 drops of Clove Essential oils in the new and really like the result.
Its still sweeter smelling but got a bit more "spice" to it now.
Thought I would share as others may wish to have a go if not done so already.
Me and the wife couldn't tell the difference between the old and the new and I wanted to doctor one up but couldn't do it to the Schulton version. I have considered adding my OS knock off to my VIBR for more spice. The VIBR is clove heavy already. I am happy that you are enjoying your goods!
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