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New Messenger Bag

After the inspiring thread about Saddleback Leather and such, I came across this gorgeous piece at Wilson Leather. It's mostly leather, messenger bag design, with plenty of storage for my iPad, laptop, papers, pens, and sundry. Not the 500 dollar variety but certainly not the cheapest bag on the market. Should suit me well. Thanks for viewing. :wink2:

I use a Chrome bag. I've taken mine through hell and back and it held up fine. Used it professionally as my go-bag working as a news photographer for NBC, so it's been through brush fires, the tail end of a tornado, more storms, snow, hail and car wrecks than i care to contemplate.
I like it! I prefer messenger bags over briefcases, much nicer to take along to work, plus they look great in leather.

I use a Ben Sherman retro flight bag as my cheap daily tote, but strongly considering a nice leather messenger bag similar to this, not planning too expensive but something that will last a decade or so. How much did yours cost if you don't mind me asking?

I actually have that exact bag but in the lighter cognac color. I love it! It is very slim, but also very functional. I use it for work everyday. Usually I carry a notebook, some folders, a camera, my ipod, some pens, a wallet, and other small things. When I carry my laptop I can't fit much else in the main compartment. I've even used it for overnight business trips. I can carry a minimal toiletry kit, change of clothes, and work documents. It's a great bag for the price.
My brother actually liked mine so much that he got one in the brown color that you have pictured. I noticed a few differences between them. The zipper pull on his isn't as nice as on mine. It looks cheaper. Also the shoulder strap and buckles look cheaper on his as well. His strap is a thin nylon, whereas mine is a nice thick fabric. My buckles seem thicker and more sturdy than his. Those are just minor differences, so for regular use I'm sure they will be fine.
I really like Wilson Leather. I have a few wallets, a few checkbook covers, and the messenger bag. Their quality and price are both excellent. Good choice!
How much did yours cost if you don't mind me asking?
Not at all. It is a regularly priced $300. I bought it at a Wilson Leather Outlet for $150. I wouldn't have paid 3 for it because by the time I got in that range, I'd just as soon fork up another 200 and get a Saddleback. I just couldn't justify the Saddleback cost no more traveling than I do. My office is so close to my classroom it's just silly and I only make about a conference or two a year, so no bag I buy would get that much wear anyway.

This particular bag is nearly all leather with only a vinyl lining on the inside. I made careful look over at the zippers and latches and such to make sure they worked properly and didn't appear cheap, and they didn't.

Thanks for the replies.

Again, if you CAN afford it or travel a lot, probably best to make the investment of a top brand bag like the praised Saddleback, but if you are closer to the 100-200 range, this seems to be a good choice.

I wish there was a bigger distinction between messenger bag and satchel
The former to me is Nylon, Waxed Canvas and straps tight around your back
The latter is what the OP calls a messenger bag
I like chrome too but I don't know how I feel about the big metal buckle on the strap. I am a Timbuk2 guy myself. (also made in USA)
That is a slick bag, my chum has one and loves it. I have a Thinktank airport check-in which works well for what I need.
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