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New Merkur 39 and Simpson X2L from Custom Shaving

Hey gents,

First time poster here. After reading all of the incredible reviews/advice posted here on the forum, I thought I'd share with you all my new purchases.


First of all, I placed my order with Custom Shaving Blades and Brushes. I was absolutely dying to buy the Simpson X2L after reading all of the rave reviews, although West Coast Shaving has been out of stock for what seems like forever. Feeling desperate, I decided to look elsewhere and I'm sure glad I did. As per my confirmation emails, I placed my order at 1:26 pm, and was informed that it shipped at 5:05 pm free of charge (over $75). I had my products sitting on my door step at 10 am the next morning in some very nice packaging. (It seems that Custom Shaving is located in NJ, as am I, so shipping times will obviously vary)


As stated before, I was really eager to try the Simpson Colonel X2L brush. For the past several months I've been using a cheap $12 Escali badger that I picked up on amazon. The difference is night and day, and have no regrets spending the $65 for an upgrade. When I would bowl lather with the Escali, the lather would constantly get stuck up in the middle of the brush due to the relatively low density on the hairs, and feels like sandpaper on my face. Not with the colonel. Whipped up such a beautiful lather with absolute ease and was beyond comfortable on my face.



I also picked up a new Merkur 37C Slant. What a beaut. I've been using the Merkur 34 HD since I started DE shaving a few months back, and while a fantastic razor, I really wanted something more aggressive and with a longer handle. I threw in a feather blade and was literally smiling during the entire shave. So effortless, and was BBS after just 2 passes with no cuts or irritation. I think the longer handle is also better suited for me.


To anyone on the fence about either of these products, I assure you that they are well worth it.

*PS- I hope this post didn't sound TOO much like a 2 a.m. infomercial.
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