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Long time lurker, new member; hello everyone!

In past two months, acquired Merkur 34C, Gillette SS, recently picked up Merkur Progress, and awaiting a Black Beauty in the mail.

I've only tried Astra platinums blades. If anyone has suggestions on which brand blades seem to work better than others when paired with these razors, I welcome the suggestions.

Happy to be here and look forward to keep reading posts.
Most of the Gillette blades from the PPI stable are worth trying but Astra SP, Gillette Silver Blue and Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge are among my favourites but GSBs are the smoothest. I hear good things about Dorco Prime blades too.
Try some of the usual online vendors for the best deals. Connaught Shaving has a good 40 blade Gillette pack worth considering.
Welcome to B&B.
Welcome to the forum. Again, a sampler pack is the way to go. I ordered two different ones and while I really like the BIC, Feather and Astra, I’m not all the way through the samples. Who knows I might just find a sleeper in there that I love.
Welcome to B&B.

Blades are definitely a personal choice. Finding what works for you takes time. Samples are a nice way to try lots of blades and I imagine it's what most people do. Another option is tryablade.com.

I've used lots of different blades, and I'm still searching for my holy grail blade. Of the ones I use the most would be Feather Hi-Stainless, Crystal, Personna Lab Blue, and Kai. Any of those will work great in your razors, imo.



When I was using the 34C, my favorite blades were the Shark Super Chrome, and the Feather Hi Stainless. The Shark Super Chrome were my go-to, and I still have almost a full brick of there here in case I ever go back to using a DE. :D