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New member waving hi

Greetings from Mallorca, Spain.
I have been reading various forums on this site for 18 months, and as a rule, if there's any shaving product, razor or shaving method l'm unsure of, I look on here for answers/reviews- great research tool.
A brief intro
I started wet shaving about 18 months back when my M3 Power blades that I'd brought with me when I moved to Mallorca 10 years ago were un-useable because the damp had caused the lubra strips to deteriorate - living proof that wet shaving is best !!
I bought a Weishi off eBay, and learned how to use it the hard way, mainly by reading threads from here and various other communities.
Instead of persevering until I developed my technique, I decided to try something more aggressive- a Fatip Grande, and sold my Weishi on eBay.
The Fatip was WAY too aggressive for me, but with various blade sampler sets, it soon taught me to learn from my mistakes!!
I now shave on alternate days with few problems, although due to having dark, thick bristles with the texture of wire, it's very rare I can get BBS on my throat and neck, but I always manage to get a fairly smooth shave even on a bad day
I sold the Fatip Grande on eBay, and have been adding new razors, blades, soaps, creams, brushes and aftershaves to my collection, the following is a list of things in regular use on my inventory.....
I've dabbled with shavettes, but only use them once in a blue moon.
Dark (unbranded) black resin handled badger brush (England), Light (unbranded) wooden handled horse hair brush (China)
Stainless steel bowl with lid (China)
Shaving Sticks
Arko(Turkey), Bea (Spain), Derby (Turkey), La Toja (Spain), Lea (Spain)
Hard Soap
Arko (Turkey), Blue's Soap Goat Milk and Animal Fat Shaving Soap (silver boot polish style screwtop tin from China), Godrej Shaving Round (India)
Soft Soap (Croap)
Mon Savon (France), Proraso Green, Red, White (Italy)
Spain- Gillette Regular, Bea Regular, La Toja Regular & Sensitive, Lea Sensitive, Williams Expert
Poland- Bond, Lider
Portugal- Goldex, Men's Estoril Sport Line
India- Old Spice Original, Fresh Lime, Musk
Shaving Oil
Floid (Spain)
TTO- Black Chrome Weishi Extra Length (China), Ideal Adjustable (Russia)
3-Piece- Windrose D-9 Chunky with Merkur style head
Rapira Platinum Lux head with knurled handle from Boctok 3-piece
Merkur style head with hexagonal aluminum head from CHEAP Chinese razor
Shavettes- Silver Coloured Sedef (Turkey), Stainless Steel Shaving Factory, Stainless Steel Unbranded Chinese shavette (extra long, thin blades)
Double Edge Blades
Europe- Wilkinson Sword Classic
Egypt- Rainbow Stainless, Shark Stainless
India- Centwin Platinum
Russia- Astra Platinum, Gillette Nacet Stainless, Perma-Sharp Stainless, Rapira Platinum Lux, Stainless & Swedish Supersteel, Voskhod Teflon Coated
Japan- Feather Hi-Stainless
Shavette Blades
Derby Half Blades (Turkey), Cloud extra long, narrow double edge blades (China)
Alum stone (India), "Safety" styptic pencil (Italy)
Aftershave / Cologne
USA/Canada/Mexico- Pinaud Clubman Musk, Special Reserve & Virgin Islands Bay Rum, Aqua Velva Ice Blue & Musk, Brut, Old Spice Original & Pure Sport
Europe- Aqua Velva, Agua Brava, Boss, Brut, Floid Vigoroso, La Toja, Old Spice Hawkridge & Swagger, Proraso Green, Tabac Original
India- Old Spice Fresh Lime & Musk
Russia- "Russian Forest", "Shipr(Ship)", "Troynoy"(Triple)

Phew !! lol:biggrin1:
Hello and welcome. Great to have you here on B&B. Wander on over to the Hall of Fame and introduce yourself.
welcome, I had the pleasure of taking a vacation trip to Mallorca a few years back. it is the most beautiful place I've ever been, everyone should visit Mallorca at least once in there life time.
Agreed- Mallorca's great, I live in Palmanova, close enough to Magalluf and the infamous "Strip" to see some sights, but far enough away to avoid the worst of the drunks in summer. In winter it's nice and peaceful, but also like a ghost town at night.
Less than 5 miles outside the resorts, it's virtually unspoilt and the mountains between Andratx and Soller remind me of the opening sequence in Goldeneye.
I missed one off my list of aftershaves -
Varon Dandy, available in Spain for only €10,55 for a Litre bottle!!
I decant it into a stainless steel/plexiglass pump dispenser, I peeled the plastic label off the bottle and stuck it onto the dispenser.
And missed my used blade bank - a tips tin (cost €1) about the same shape and size as a 500ml food can, painted with a €500 banknote design, it's got a slot in the top, and is ideal for used blades because the only way to open it is with a can opener!!
Thanks for all the welcome messages
Hare are photos of my D.I.Y. Varon Dandy Dispenser and €500 Used Bladebank
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