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New member, Old Shaver checking in

I am checking in as a new forum user. I've been using a straight razor for about 11 years now and using various DE blades and razors about the same. I taught myself how to use the straight razor watching Mr. Lynn Abrams from Straight Razor Designs after purchasing my first strop and straight from him in about that same time.

After learning to shave and making numerous mistakes along the way, I also taught myself how to sharpen my own straights on both synthetics and then on JNATS. I was a member here years ago and lost my login information to include just what my handle was after moving residence post retirement and changing my email accounts. I fell away from the online communities and forums after finding my golf game again even though I have continued to enjoy both forms of wet shaving.

I remember some of my older friends here and my saddest period was remembering the late Mr. Miquel Ricou Sole the founder of Myrsol passing away. I was and continue to be a very big fan of Myrsol, especially the Emulsion.

Happy New Year to all.

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